Customer Voice, What is it and how do I use it?
Posted February 25, 2021

Customer feedback with Microsoft 365

We all like to think our clients are happy with our products and services but are they? Harness the power of Microsoft 365 and create a dynamic customer feedback form.

Login to

1. Click on All Apps icon
2. Click on Customer Voice

You will then be logged into the customer voice portal, from here you can create a new project and view all projects

Click New Project

Next you can choose from the pre-built templates Microsoft provide or you can create a blank form, in this example we will use the Support form

The support template will then open displaying the default questions and answers, this form is completely customisable 

Click any field to make it editable and change the text to your requirements.

In this example we changed the title of the form

You can add a new question to the form by clicking on ‘Add New’ 

Next choose which type of field you would like for example choice

You can further customise the form using the customisation options on the right hand side

Once you are happy with the form you can then share it in a few different ways by clicking on the ‘Send’ tab at the top of the screen

1. Automation
2. Email
3. Website Embed code
4. Direct Link
5. QR Code

Once you have shared your form with your customer you can view the results by clicking ‘Customer Resolution Survey’


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