Proactive Monitoring

How will monitoring and reporting services help your business? 24/7/365 monitoring allows for a proactive approach to maintaining your IT network, in conjunction with our reporting system we can provide you with reports as frequently and detailed as you require.

What Are The Benefits?

The major benefits of proactive monitoring is to reduce the downtime for any business, our system monitors your Servers, PCs, Macs, and network devices.

When an issue is detected the monitoring system automatically creates a support ticket alerting our team to the problem.

An example of monitoring would be if your computers memory usage goes above a specified threshold making your computer slow, our monitoring system will create a ticket.

Installing applications, windows updates and all the documents you create on a daily basis will gradually fill your computers hard drive, over time this will lead to Windows alerting you to hard drive issues, it's better to be proactive and not reactive to these types of issues.

Real time monitoring will keep you one step ahead of the game and when the day arrives and your drive is getting full you wont have any nasty surprises.

A crucial part of any network will be your protection against viruses from the internet and USB drives. Our managed Anti-Virus solution will protect your devices from the daily threats.

Centrally managed Anti-Virus makes the process of managing our clients a breeze.

Excessive memory usage will make any computer perform extremely slow, with memory monitoring thresholds in place we will be alerted to the issue before it escalates and bring the computer to a holt.

Keeping track of the hardware in your organization can be a daunting task, active monitoring agents can help solve this problem.

Our monitoring software will also alert us to any hardware changes, for example if someone removes hardware from a computer.

Our monitoring system provides such a wide variety of other monitors listed below...

  • Patch Management
  • Remote Access
  • Reporting
  • Network management

Our Monitoring System

Our customers have peace of mind knowing their systems are being monitored with our sophisticated monitoring system

Our Reporting System

Reporting gives you the insight into the performance and security of your network, reports can be sent to you on a monthly basis if required, below are the types of reports available to you.

  • Regular Report
  • Asset Summary
  • Patch Compliance
  • Executive Summary