Reply to your phone texts from your PC
Posted February 25, 2021

What is this Witchcraft you speak of?

If you fall into the camp of using an iPhone and a Mac then you already have the ability to create and reply to text messages from either device which is pretty neat.

If you are a PC user then you have been left out in the cold for a while, until now, you can finally rejoice as you have the ability to use the ‘Your Phone’ app. 

Let’s take a look at how it works.

How to connect your Android phone

Click on the Windows start menu > type in ‘Your Phone‘ without quotes and open the the Your Phone app > Once opened click on ‘Android

Next you will need to sign in with a Microsoft account such as a account

Next unlock your Android phone and open your web browser and go to and then login tot he Google Play store to install the Your Phone Companion

Once you the app is installed check the box ‘Yes, I finished installing Your Phone Companion’

Next click on ‘Open QR Code’

Use your Android phone camera to scan the QR code

Windows will then confirm your phone is now connected

Thats it, you can now create and reply to text messages from your PC.


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