How Do We Protect Your Devices?

As your business grows so does the number of devices you and your staff use on a daily basis, keeping track of these devices can and will quickly become overwhelming to monitor for hardware and software issues.

Our proactive device monitoring software is install on PCs and servers, this allows our monitoring dashboards below to  report any hardware and or software related issues. With a quick glance we can see your business health in our Monitoring Overview page.

We also monitor all your business network devices such as Router, firewalls and switches, if your internet connection goes offline we will be notified before you realise there is a problem.

Monitoring Overview

High level overview of your business health, displays hardware and software alerts, windows patches that are required to be installed and if the device needs to be rebooted

Networking Monitoring

Monitoring your network devices reduces network downtime drastically, our device monitoring alerts us to unusual activity and high network traffic

Device Monitoring Benefits?

Realtime Alerts

Hardware / Software Reports

IT Automation

Remote Access

Preventative Maintenance

Windows Updates

Our Monitoring Plans

We understand that all businesses are different, if you feel your business does not fit into the plans below please get in touch and we can discuss your specific needs.

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