What Is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT support represents the cutting edge of modern IT support.  In a nutshell, Managed IT Support delivers proactive IT solutions that catches issues before your productivity is impacted – with little or no noticeable interruption to your business or systems.

As part of our Managed IT Support offering we take the responsibility of managing and maintaining your computers, servers and networks. We are able to manage your systems using our robust proactive device monitoring platform.

Don’t’ Let Your IT Hold You Back!

We feel that every business deserves to have technology work when you need it the most, whether that be working remotely from any location, having the confidence in your business critial data backups or knowing that your PCs and Servers are being monitored and patched for the latest online threats.

How can we contact you for support?

As part of your Managed IT support plan you can contact our team in various ways:

  • Call our main support number 02 8011 1021
  • Email our support team support@cloud9it.net.au
  • Lodge a support request via our client area
Issues we help our clients with on a daily basis

A typical day of support requests we receive from our clients are issues printing and scanning, setting up new computers for staff and assisting with general IT related questions.

Do we provide support for both PC and Macs?

Absolutely, we provide support for both Windows and MacOS operating systems.

What Are The Benefits?

Guaranteed Response Times

Remote & Onsite Support

Priority Support

Reduced Downtime

Predictable IT Expenditure

Proactive Device Monitoring

Our Managed IT Support Plans

We understand that all businesses are different, if you feel your business does not fit into the plans below please get in touch and we can discuss your specific needs.

Have Questions?